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Another Quick Update

Okay, so the last few days have been crazy busy – but extremely satisfying and enjoyable. My time has been spent between working with our contributors over at the SBG Sword Forum, liaising with the forge about the actual production of our first 6 swords, securing and editing extensive digital artwork assets (Photoshop has been running hot the last few days!) and of course, consolidating all the content we have brainstormed over on the forums into something close to a cohesive whole..

Not exactly a walk in the park, but someone’s gotta do it – and for now at least, that someone is me..

Many of the story arcs we originally developed have been modified or adjusted in some way, which sometimes makes it hard to keep everything internally coherent. But for now, I will just do the best I can and worry about making sure everything syncs up properly after the content we have is locked and loaded.

To give you an idea of where we are up to and how much further there is to go before we can launch BETA version 0.1 – here is a list of the categories as they stand, those that have been done have links, those that remain to be completed, are of course not linked.




There will also be pages providing more information about the goals and objectives of the project, interesting ways that you can use the information and product development info and notes. Actually, there is a LOT more planned, but as again I am talking to myself here and no one will read this until after launch, not much point in saying more..!

Within the next 24-48 hours I will be extending some invitations to selected contributors on the project from the forums and try to coordinate it all. Should be interesting, so will make at least one or two more updates before the Beta launch to give you all some insight as to how this site got started..

You never know with these things, but I have a very positive feeling about this project and feel that from these humble beginnings, the possibilities are almost endless..

But, as the Paragon says in his Proverbs, there is a time and a place for everything under the sun, and while the place might be right, the time is not right to reveal the exciting new directions this site can and will take..


In addition to collaborating with some independent digital artists to create original art for our concept world, I have in the meantime been acquiring the licensing rights to some exceptionally cool fantasy artwork and, with the aid of Photoshop, making it truly our own.

So far, there are two images that I am especially pleased with how they turned out.

The first is the DeathKnight discovering the Brand of the Fallen for the first time.

The other, the Paragon proclaiming victory and the foundation of the Empire.

And any fan of Sword and Sorcery will appreciate the old school barbaric look of the Thanish Warriors..

Actually, the more I think about it, the harder it is select the best pics so far, as they are all really good otherwise I would not have put them in there..! 😉

Many more will be added over the next few days – costs a small fortune, but it’s not like I have the time nor the talent to do them myself – all I can do is mess around in Photoshop a bit and change out some elements..

This one below is the weirdest so far..

Basically combines elements from 4 pics, one of the DeathKnight, one of the Brand of the Fallen, one of the black wings of the evil Archon Shemhazai and some reptilian eyes with a ton of filters and adjustments. In all honesty, I think it looks a bit too garish and busy, but at least it gives some idea of the horror of the DeathKnights transformation from mortal to the grand daddy of all bad guys..

Artwork and, once the actual physical swords we are commissioning are made, photography will be almost as important as the content, stories and resources as this site grows and develops. So if you love good fantasy sword art, Legendary Swords of Eletreus will be rich with serious eye candy (rated PG, basically supernatural themes, mild horror and a little blood and guts)..

Hope You Enjoy!

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