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Beta 0.3 and Some Surprise Announcements

Okay, behind the scenes I have been busy as a beaver – just finished the first edit, not 100% certain that I caught all inconsistencies, but I think I got the most glaring ones.

Most of the inconsistencies were because the timeline continued to evolve, and some descriptions and events had to be edited to fit the new and consistent timeline.

As such, the timeline is King – anything written there is to be taken as gospel if it contradicts anything written anywhere else. There are still some additional events that need to be covered in the timeline, mostly from around 400 I.A. onward, but for now at least we have a decent chain of events laid out we can further build upon.

So to recap, here is where we are now:

  • Beta 0.1 – current state, filling out entries and laying the basic foundation.
  • Beta 0.2 – basic foundation laid and completed
  • Beta 0.3 – first edit and check for internal consistency
  • Beta 0.4 – additional content to be added
  • Beta 0.5 – invite selected contributors, and assign editors and contributor profiles
  • Beta 0.6 – Additional placeholder and permanent  artwork and illustration overhaul
  • Beta 0.7 – create sword manufacturer and craftsman portfolio pages
  • Beta 0.8 – Reformat site appearance, widgets, tools, etc.
  • Beta 0.9 – Peripheral social media foundation (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Beta 1.0 – Launch Beta version of the site

Note that I have changed the next step to Beta 0.4 slightly as there are a few missing pieces that I would rather have added before we start inviting contributors. Namely:

  1. Magic (a quick overview of what we have developed on the forums)
  2. Alchemy and magic weapon making techniques
  3. More placeholder monsters for the Bestiary (Dragons, The Fay, etc)
  4. And 4 more tales about 4 new swords..

That last one needs some clarification, and leads me nicely into the second part of this post – and that is the ‘Surprise Announcements’..

Behind the scenes we have been (and continue to) expand the list of sword makers we are dealing with for this project. Initially, as you know, the first 6 designs are to be made by Blade Culture International – and indeed, we will continue to expand the offerings made by BCI as more designs are selected and additional competitions are held..

But right now, we are delighted to announce that two more respected sword makers have joined the project.

The first is Scorpion Swords and together we have selected a bonus part 2 to the round 1 design contest with three more designs selected to be transformed from a 2 dimensional sketch to a 3 dimensional fully functional replica..

Here are the three winning designs – slightly modified to accommodate how Chris at Scorpion Swords makes his exceptionally tough shortswords.

The Sword of the Goblin King

Sword of the Goblin King

Designed by Croccifixio (who also designed the Vorpal Sword – so to date he has two winning designs he will receive from the one competition!) this is to be a Sword fit for a (Goblin) King and is designed to mesh with the story of Shamble Island in Tuath De.

The Orcish Cleaver

The Orcish Cleaver

It was not specified in the description, but the first thing that sprung to mind when I saw it was Orc sword. And it turns out that the designer, Swordmaster0813 had the same thing in mind as he envisioned it belonging to an Orcish Chieftan. Plus, when Chris saw it, he said ‘it has Scorpion Swords written all over it’..

Early Aelutian Gladius

Early Aelutian Gladius

Okay, this one is a bit of a hybrid design. The original concept was supplied by ‘Klarsons’ entry to the competition which I felt fit in really well with our Aelutian Empire concept. Here is what he came up with originally:

Inspired by this design, I noted that Scorpion Swords Celtic Pride Sword had the same kind of Celtic handle as Klarsons original design – and I had always loved the wicked leaf shape blade of their Sword of Achilles.

So, inspired by Klarsons design, I combined them into a single sword – and it will be made as an early era Gladius from the time of the war with Cabicians and Escians..

And more design by someone just a little bit famous..

This one is a bit special – and we are honored to have the legendary John Lundemo and the team from Longship Armory on board with our project! The sword is going to be made from a pattern welded Damascus combination of L6/O1 steels, making it almost magically indestructible in the real world..! So naturally, we are working on the backstory – which at this stage will be set in the Lands of the Northmen at the rise of the 3rd DeathKnight..

This fellow

The very quick outline of the story has been added to the timeline, but in a nutshell – our heroine, a Valkyrie named ‘Runa’ and wielder of Odins Oar has this blade made for her to defeat the DeathKnight before he can lead his armies into Eletrues at the cost of her life..

The artwork will of course be done by Warren Louw of DC Comics fame, and the prototype blade is nearly finished and if all goes well, could actually be completed by the time we launch to beta 1.0!

So as you can see, a lot goes on behind the scenes with this project that is not immediately apparent. And there is more..

Much more..

But I will save that for another post.

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