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Another Quick General Update

Just a very quick overview and update as I have added quite a few new pages to the site so wanted to list them all here and provide a few notes on each one.

The first update is for the Magic section, which has finally been filled out and describes how common (or rare) magic is in Eletreus, the various ways it can be used and its schools and divisions.

Following close on its heels is an explanation of the various magic sword making techniques used in Eletreus – and includes one of my favorite illustrations so far, which is a ‘magic sword forge’ complete with magical fire and enchanted Coronatite hammer.

I mentioned this briefly before, but there is also now a page for ‘collaborations’ which includes information on the following sword makers who have joined the project:

And, with the swords in development, have added a page each for two of the three Scorpion Swords blades being made, one here for the Sword of the Goblin King and another here for the Orc King War-Cleaver, plus pages for each of these swords fictional backstories as below:

Plus, I also added a story-line in the ‘Tales’ section detailing the Rise of the Orc King – perhaps one of the edgiest stories so far, which takes us to about the limits of how dark or unpleasant a story will be in our Project.. But when it comes to Orcs and evil Witches, the story-line is hardly going to be sunshine and lollypops..

Otherwise, I have also added a couple of ‘about’ pages to try and explain what the project is actually about with the following new pages:


So after having now laid the most basic of foundations with only a few more minor additions before we officially hit the Beta 0.4 mark, and with several of the project swords we are working on about to or close to completion, the next step is to write up some guidelines for editors and contributors on how to create and edit pages, test it to make sure that contributors can get the functionality they need, create a space where collaborators can – well – collaborate and get feedback, advice and an idea of who is doing what when, etc..

At which point we should be ready to give it a once over polish, increase the bandwidth available and finally, launch the beta version of the site to coincide with the actual availability of the first swords.. Which will be the topic of my next post…

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