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Two Prototypes Completed and One More Well on the Way

It is very exciting to see the project start to REALLY take shape, with two of the designs now at the completed prototype stage, and one more well underway..

This is not the first time SBG has been involved with taking a product from conception to a finished product, but it is the first time we have done it with Fantasy swords and on such a scale, and I must admit there is something deeply satisfying seeing a sketch take on a three dimensional form and a fantasy concept go from an idea to something you can hold in your hand..

And thus it is with the Goblin King Sword – which has gone from this..

To THIS..!

And The Orc King’s War-Cleaver from this..

Becomes THIS..!

Both of the designers are VERY happy with how the swords have turned out, and I am likewise seriously impressed with how quickly and true to the original designs Chris has churned these prototypes out.

Now 2 designs more or less completed is a great start – especially as we have not even launched this site yet..!

But the third one is going to be one of the most stunning fantasy swords of all time – and I am referring of course to John Lundemo’s design, Odin’s Oar.

More details will be coming on this one in another post, but for now – let me leave you with a couple of pics. The first one is of the folded and pattern welded L6 Bainite/O1 Manganese Alloy, still hot out of the fire.

And a close up of the stunning pattern welded blade that any historical Viking would literally kill for..

All three of these swords now have a dedicated ‘how its made page’ with many more photos showing the various stages of how the swords are made.

I am hoping for an update from Blade Culture International – as despite them getting 6 designs ahead of everyone else, they have fallen behind due to some bureaucratic set backs that came out of the blue from the Philippine government (there is a LOT of that going on these days unfortunately. Despite the fact that collectors of battle ready swords NEVER plan on using them as a weapon, swords are often demonized by governments – mostly from the actions of a handful of idiots going nuts with cheap stainless steel wallhangers and sword shaped objects – but I digress).

Anyway, the good news is that after being delayed by this they are finally catching up, so will update you all again with pictures as they become available.

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