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Beta 0.4

I was actually hoping to be a bit further along the track than where we are now – but there were a couple of unexpected road blocks.

The first was some technical issues with adding new accounts and contributors that required more work than what I initially expected. But the second reason was due to me having a couple of molars extracted and the ensuing recovery period made it impossible to juggle the demands of running Sword Buyers and working on this site at the same time..

Still a bit under the weather, but at least we officially reached Beta 0.4 – though moving forward I have had to change up the final stages to reach Beta 1.0 so that it now looks like the following:

  • Beta 0.1 – current state, filling out entries and laying the basic foundation.
  • Beta 0.2 – basic foundation laid and completed
  • Beta 0.3 – first edit and check for internal consistency
  • Beta 0.4 – additional content to be added
  • Beta 0.5 – Upgrade site to accommodate higher volume of visitors
  • Beta 0.6 – Reformat site appearance, widgets, tools, etc
  • Beta 0.7 – invite selected contributors, and assign editors and contributor profiles
  • Beta 0.8 – Re-organize all links, highlight important pages, basic outlay
  • Beta 0.9 – Peripheral social media foundation (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Beta 1.0 – Launch Beta version of the site

So from here, the next thing to do is to upgrade the site so that it can cope with more visitors (right now as it is being built, since only myself and a couple of other people are able to visit – it is not particularly robust). Then I want to change the appearance to something more suitable, bring in more contributors – and then the final few steps to Beta 1.0 SHOULD in theory happen fairly quickly.

So, back to the grind – will update you all again very soon.

  • Paul
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