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Falling behind the 8 ball…

As you may have noticed there have not been any updates for a while – as it would seem that getting a simple answer from our service provider and host is like banging ones head against a very thick wall..

After 2 weeks of trying to get answers, we are still no closer to being able to boost up the sites hosting capability, so for now we are kind of stuck until their support team comes to the party.. (I really did not anticipate this, you would think when you are trying to throw money at a business they would actually show some interest and be responsive. Or maybe I am being naive, from the people who email me surprised and pleased that I actually answered their email over on SBG, it would seem that we are an exception rather than the rule..)

Anyway, in the meantime I have not been idle – for example, I have recently added the behind the scenes work in progress pics of the Scorpion Swords Early Aelutian Gladius. And in collaboration with Rayhan, we have created a page for the Deathless Witch – and I finally got around to doing the full write up on the Sakkala Spider riders and the Tale of the Lich King

Here is an original pic we had commissioned for the Sakkala..

And a work in progress pic on the Escians and Temple Nimbus respectively..

And finally, the wooden template which will be used to create the casts for the brass fittings of the Vorpal Sword from BCI..

In the next few days, if I STILL cannot get our service provider to do what is required of them I will change up the plan and push the upgrade back to ensure we don’t just sit here waiting for someone to wake up over there..

Will keep you updated here accordingly.

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