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Finally, Beta 0.5

Well, that took MUCH longer than expected, and has cost us a lot in terms of momentum – but I am pleased to say that the upgrade and migration is finally completed – so finally we have a solid foundation strong enough to dramatically increase the size and speed of the site almost regardless of the number of visitors it receives.

Not sure if I can call it ‘good news’ or not, but behind the scenes we are also experiencing delays getting some of the prototypes made for us, so in truth while it has been a frustrating loss of momentum, it is in keeping with the general slowdown.

But not to worry, at the end of the day, it will take as long as it takes – and I have a feeling that by the time we hit the Beta 0.7 mark, thing should start to pick up pace again..

So here it is again, our current ‘checklist’

  • Beta 0.1 – current state, filling out entries and laying the basic foundation.
  • Beta 0.2 – basic foundation laid and completed
  • Beta 0.3 – first edit and check for internal consistency
  • Beta 0.4 – additional content to be added
  • Beta 0.5 – Upgrade site to accommodate higher volume of visitors
  • Beta 0.6 – Reformat site appearance, widgets, tools, etc
  • Beta 0.7 – invite selected contributors, and assign editors and contributor profiles
  • Beta 0.8 – Re-organize all links, highlight important pages, basic outlay
  • Beta 0.9 – Peripheral social media foundation (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  • Beta 1.0 – Launch Beta version of the site

As you can see, Beta 0.6 involves a site wide overhaul to give it a more modern appearance as the current template (which most of you will not actually ever actually see) – but for those few who are currently able to see the site, please excuse us if you check in and everything looks screwy (this just means that I am actively working on the new template).

So while we have and probably will appear to slow down a bit over the coming weeks, as long as we are still making progress, that will have to do for the time being.

  • Paul
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