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Past another bump in the road..

Phew, we definitely have been having a bit of a bumpy ride with our hosting provider.. To make a long story short, we more or less lost 3 weeks to some major configuration issue during some tweaks done by our provider during the upgrade to the most robust server possible..

But the good news is that it was finally completed about a week ago, and we are slowly but surely starting to get back some of the momentum we had when the project was first launched – and so our some of the people involved in bringing the project swords to life.

For example, we are starting to see something from our Filipino friends at Blade Culture International – who fell behind after months of unusually heavy seasonal rains. Right now, their workshop is very much exposed to the elements, so when it downpours and the power goes off, there isn’t a lot of work that they can do.

But you can see some of the work in progress on two of the six sword designs we are making with them – with the rough fittings of the Sword of Danu and its blade taking shape as well as the ‘modern’ Aelutian Gladius.

Click here for the making of the Sword of Danu
And click here for the making of the modern Aelutian Gladius

Then of course, we have the progression of the truly heirloom quality, collectible limited edition sword by Longship Armory – with updates to the making of Odins Oar..

Click here for the most recent update of the making of Odins Oar

And to compliment this stunning Fantasy Viking Blade, we have brought on board a new up and coming US based sword maker, Tomas Diamante, who is working with us to create the Sword of Stormwater, the Hafvilsverd (pronounced, Haff – vill – svwerd, Old Norse for ‘Sword of the Drowned’).

Click here for the making of the Hafvilsverd

Really nice work so far, and great to be able to support and promote someone with some real natural talent as they are getting started.. (which is a big part of what this website is all about).

Naturally, I also just finished creating a backstory for this sword – which ties in neatly with the backstory for Odin’s Oar..

Click here to read the mysterious origins of this new design

And furthermore, we have commissioned three additional pieces of original concept art from our friend Winsoy – the first one tying in with an update I just completed for the culture and society of the feared (but not evil) Spider riding Sakkala tribe at home and at play..

And two more artworks based on the original stories of fellow collaborator, Sevicler – the first one of his concept for the flying city of the Deathless Witch, Temple Nimbus..

And the capital of sorcery, the Notarikon.

Sevicler and I will be working on developing the full legends and lore for each of these cities over the coming weeks and month, and he has also been working on some new characters to further enrich the fantasy world and history we have all been developing the past few months.

So stay tuned everyone, the worst of the bumps in the road are hopefully behind us now and while development is much slower than first anticipated, considering the scale of the project and how it continues to get bigger and better with every new addition, while we might aim for a particular date and miss it, as long as there is forward momentum, we will get there..!

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