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Work in Progress – Slimming Down the Sword of Danu

Current bearer of the Sword of Danu, Aoife

The Sword of Danu, in development with Blade Culture International, is one of the more unique styles of sword in the project thus far. The original concept was for a two handed sword, but as we fleshed out the lands of Tuath De and created a race of diminutive half elven type peoples who live there it evolved into a single handed, leaf blade shortsword.

This was also apparent to me when I looked at and selected this design as one of the winning entries – the handle and overall dimensions looked like a shortsword to me..

And so, it was decided that was the direction it would go in.

Now as the sword started to take shape with BCI, I noticed in the background that the technical sheet looked somewhat different than the original design – especially with regarding the length and thickness of the handle.

I did not think too much of it, until I saw the most recent update a day or so ago from BCI which showed the handle taking shape and yes – the whole thing does appear to be a little, squashed and ‘fat’..

Once the leather is added, the chubby handle would only get bigger – and may be extremely uncomfortable to use.

Here are some more pics showing what I mean.

And a side on view.

The reason that this happened in the first place is because BCI were following the specifications of the length that we provided, and it seems somewhere along the line the design kind of got squished a bit..

So while it is a bit frustrating for everyone, at least this way we have caught it relatively early. And yes, it may not end up looking exactly like the pics, but they are now in the process of ‘slimming it down’ to a better proportion. So stay tuned for further updates accordingly.

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