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Odin’s Oar is Launched!

General update time – and while very few people can see this announcement still – it is a major milestone in the projects development..

Odin’s Oar: Sword of Runa, Martyr of Stormwater by Longship Armoury was officially launched on the 17th of December and despite its relatively high price tag, 4 of the 10 pre-orders from the first batch have already been paid in full!

Odin’s Oar in the SBG Sword Store

Just one of the pictures tells you why this might be so..

Just stunning, and as one of the members of the SBG forum noted: “Holy cow! Now this is how you successfully start off a new series!”…

Could not agree more, and it is indeed the bet way to start off on a the best possible footing as behind the scenes we continue to work away at a much slower, but still steady pace..

Speaking of which – there have been a few more updates – most notably, Pomedica has finally been given a full entry in the lands section, defining them as a forward thinking, progressive society (who only recently invented fireworks, and then realized – hey, couldn’t you shoot something using this stuff?)..

And I also added a couple more maps of the Aelutian Empire – one political one that shows what lands it directly controls and the lands it indirectly controls through its three Suzerain states – and another detailing the Eastern half which was once the Cagbician Empire.

Behind the scenes we are also working on some more exclusive pics for the Aelutian Legionnaires – below is a sneak preview.

Coming up soon, some more updates from BCI, several more sword designs in the works – and a bit of a quick overhaul of the site to make navigation easier and bring it closer to what it will finally look like upon completion..

Yes, it is not happening as fast as we hoped – as we have had some of our sword making associates drag their heels, and the initial burst of activity was not easy to sustain while also working on SBG around the clock. But it is so much fun, I think that especially in January, we will see a major second wind that hopefully will allow us to launch within the next 6-8 weeks.

Only time will tell, and we will document it all here..

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