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Of Elves and Monsters

While we are waiting for Christmas and New Years to clear so we can get some long overdue updates from BCI – we thought that over the Christmas period it was fitting that we finally sit down and flesh out Santa’s Little Helpers – the Elves..!

Well, naturally this being Eletreus – the Elves aren’t quite exactly the same as Santas’ friends, but I finally put some serious thought into how they would be portayed in our fantasy world and decided that, at least for now, they aren’t to be all that different than how they are usually portrayed in high fantasy epics (after all, we are deliberately avoiding most cliches, but we did add a few Eletreus project twists).

Here is the map of the Elven Homelands – a mysterious and generally forbidden place to outsiders, but with one city that connects to the outside world (to some degree).

As to be expected from such a mysterious and magical peoples, their defences are also very mysterious and magical – one of my favorites so far is the Crescent Lagoon Obelisk fortification, patrolled by a Giant Eagle that can (almost) rival the strength and raw power of the Great Wyrms.

And we also added appropriate entries for High Elves, Wood Elves and Shadow Elves (their dark cousins, corrupted by evil magic that they tried to usurp for their own purposes during the war in heaven) – each with their own accompanying artwork appearing in the Bestiary.

Speaking of which, I have also devoted quite a few hours to filling out the stub entries for the Bestiary so that as of today there are now 29 first draft entries – and of the new ones, I have to admit that the Medusozua Zeppelinus are perhaps the most world changing, their entry touching on a backstory related to Pomedica with a famous inventor Mercurio Montinari, having harnesses their flying abilities both with a harness and a way of harvesting their lighter than air gases to produce some vaguely steampunk airships..

But for truly original, rather horrific entries – I must admit my Mudling creations have to get a runner up prize even if I do say so myself (always fun to be able to create a monster that gives even myself the creeps!).

This should be the last entry for 2017 – so onwards to 2018 I say, the year when – if we can keep the momentum going – sees the beta version of the site finally go live!


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