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Castir, Flame of the Host and Brand of the Fallen

Things are starting to pick up pace over at Blade Culture International – and the Castir in particular is now entering the post production phase, where all the fittings are refined, polished and the prototype is completed..

Here is where we are up to with the behind the scenes making of the Castir

And at the same time, the Brand of the Fallen and the Flame of the Host are also starting to take shape – kind of in reverse order with the blades being forged first.

Here is a shot from the newly created page detailing the behind the scenes making of the Flame of the Host.

And below, the Flamberge/Kris style blade of the Brand of the Fallen taking shape

So now it would seem that all 6 designs have at least SOMETHING happening, and as work is progressing rapidly at this point, stay tuned for further updates!

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