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More lore, stories, characters and swords!

As we start to head towards the end of January, the site continues to take shape and expand upon the tales and legends already in place. In the past week, we added quite a bit more content.

First off, we introduce a new character to the story line – the power behind the Deathless Witch, Domas Rahm: First of the Deathless.

This new iconoclastic character, developed by Rayhan Alfatta, is an ancient being who fell afoul of the gods and thinks of the gods with contempt, seeking to usher in a new era where mankind is finally in control of its own destiny and has been secretly gaining power of the millenia, seeking a way back to the world from where he was imprisoned by the gods for his hubris.

We also added in the complete timeline of the end times, basically the last 40 years, have made several edits, and plan to reward Rayhan for his content with a new sword design of his creation, the sword of Domas Rahm, the Kinebranch – the Godslayer.

t Rayhan’s design – the Kinebranch, the Godslayer Sword

This will become a recurrent theme – if you contribute good content and story ideas to the project, we will reward you by bringing your ideas to life and sending you the first prototype. As this is quite a unique and ornate design, we have not yet decided who will make it for us, but we do have some ideas – so stay tuned for a further announcement.

Finally, to accompany the Castir as it is in the final stages of prototype development, we also added some original art by our friend Winsoy – Escian Warriors in a defensive pose.

Oh, and we also have continued fleshing out and adding more monsters to the bestiary – and filled out the map and details for Northern Aelutia, which includes Windkeep Fortress and Notarikon – which you can find towards the bottom of the page for the Aelutian Empire.

From now, we plan to consolidate everything to make sure we have not made too many glaring errors, work on a new navigation system and keep on moving forward with the existing sword designs until almost all of them have a solid prototype – and soon after – a soft launch before the official unveiling, So stay tuned folks! We aren’t moving quite as fast as I had hoped, but the forward momentum is still rolling us along.

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