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Final stages for the BCI prototypes…

With the BCI team now working around the clock to complete the 6 Fantasy designs assigned to them, we are starting to see the swords rapidly coming close to completion.

Below is the most up to date pics of the Brand of the Fallen – and with its Flamberge/Kris blade and viscous hand guard and pommel, it is looking suitably menacing..

And of course, its twin sword is also nearly complete – the Flame of the Host is looking very impressive too, with its hand carved brass hand guard..

Here’s a close up of that unique angelic guard.

And the Vorpal sword is also just a final polish and hilt wrap away from readiness.

All in all, looking very nice – and the next update, more likely than not, the completed swords!

Can’t wait, and very exciting to see the project finally starting to come together..

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