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Slimming Down the Sword of Danu

The Sword of Danu has an interesting history behind it.

The designer of the sword, Djinnobi from the SBG Sword Forums, originally envisioned it as a two handed leaf blade, but to me the guard looked to wide and big for a two hander – and in the end we agreed that it would be better off being made as a leaf bladed short sword for the diminutive Tuath.

Current bearer of the Sword of Danu, Aoife

And so, the original design was submitted to the forge with the following specs.

As the sword started to take shape, I noticed that the hilt was a lot fatter than what I thought it should be, so it was slimmed down somewhat. And so finally, below are a series of pics showing the final form it has taken – and been approved by the designer – to go into the final stages of production.

Sure it looks slightly different than the original pics, but BCI noted that they had to increase the size of the handguard for the scabbard to fit properly.

But overall, it is looking much better – and I am sure once completed it will all come together – the guys at BCI know their stuff, that is for sure..

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