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The Brand, Castir, Gladius and Danu Pretty Close to Complete..

Just another quick update on the swords in production over at BCI – and yes, while these prototypes are taking MUCH longer to reach the home stretch than we hoped for, it is looking like they are well worth the wait..

The Castir in particular just needs a scabbard at this point I think.. And I REALLY like the way it is looking – even better than I had hoped for..

Next up, another sword looking VERY close to completion – the modern Aelutian Gladius!

The way BCI made that distinctive triple fuller is absolutely stunning.. Just love the lines of this blade, and the scabbard looks excellent too!

Next up. the Sword of Danu – after some trials and tribulations, it is really looking the part. And I truly do like the scabbard..

And last but not least – the sinister Brand of the Fallen.. Oh yeah..

This sword is a BEAST of a thing – and it is going to be a lot heavier than any historical sword, due in part to the weight and size of the fittings – but being quite heavy and thick, the balance is shifted a lot towards the hilt so despite it shaping up to be a rather heavy sword that perhaps only the DeathKnight himself could easily wield, it will still be quite functional – and NOT the kind of blade you would want to be in front of when it is in action, that is for sure.. (Flamberges and Kris cut in a VERY nasty way – fitting for the most evil sword in all of Eletreus)..

More updates coming soon!

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