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Definitely on the home stretch now..

One more quick update – two of the six designs with Blade Culture International have now been completed!

And yes, they are definitely worth the wait..

Production on all these designs tentatively began in August 2017 – so that is a total turnaround time of approx 7 months, which is longer than what we were initially advised, but still not to bad in the grand scheme of things considering that Albion Swords take 12 months to fulfill a PRODUCTION sword order, and most custom sword makers have waiting lists of several years and production times that are similar..

Anyway, first up is an updated pic of the Castir.

Looks like all we are waiting on with this one is the scabbard. But the next two look pretty much complete to me..!

The Modern Aelutian Gladius

And the Vorpal Sword

Just wow…

Looks like it will nearly be time to get these first prototypes into the hands of their designers! Can’t wait to hear their reaction..

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