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And another little bump in the road..

And just when we thought that things were going well..

It took a while to get to this post – both because I was personally extremely busy in the latter half of Feb to now (moving internationally, not a task for the faint of heart I can tell you) but also because we had some bad news to deliver, and it took a fair while to sort out all the messy details to be able to move forward again..

Now I showed you 3 of the 6 designs that are more or less complete – though the Castir was given a far too rudimentary sheathe in hindsight, and a new one was designed as is being made as I type this out..

But in the meantime, here is an example of the basic sheathe that the Castir was to have..

Yeah, just doesn’t do justice to this beautiful design right..?

So back to the workshop it goes – as does the Brand and the Flame I am afraid..

At first glance, the Flame looks perfect..

But only by looking closely can we see that the flame sigils are not facing the right way around..

And the same goes for the Brand..

Fairly minor, but we need to make sure that when we submit at design to the forge it is made EXACTLY to our specs, not close enough.. So despite the costs to both the budget and the time frame, we had no choice but to go back to the workshop with all three..

But at least the Sword of Danu turned out much better than we had ever hoped – indeed, it went from an ugly ducking to a beautiful swan..

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