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Of Lizard People, Goads and the Pyramids of Eletreus..

A bit of a surprise project, a new and unique design from the original competition has been chosen again announced to be brought to life by Chris Palmer at Scorpion Swords, this time – the Dusk Winds Goad – a spiky, nasty looking short sword based it would seem somewhat loosely on the unique looking blade from the Maciejowski Bible..

You can see the making of the sword as it happens as usual in a dedicated ‘making of’ page – but as I took the basic concept of the designer, and found what I feel is a great niche for it – among the Lizard People South of the Demonsteeth mountains.

Naturally some additional listings were needed, such as those who created the mysterious Lizard people – the often alluded too, but until now not properly explained Qahoori Nomads.

Which, no doubt, will lead us to even more swords – but all in due course. 😉

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