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Sneak Preview – The Hobgoblin Sensoken

We already have quite a few swords still currently in development – but behind the scenes there are at least a couple we are working on that I have not mentioned – until now that is..

Not too much has been done on this one, but the basic idea is to create a Hobgoblin Sensoken (war sword) – a wicked looking Katana with some Tachi sword influences to be made by the Black Dragon Forge, the sword forge in Longquan, China that has been making the SBG Custom Katana series since 2008.

Here is a sneak preview of where we are up to:

The basic color scheme will be a black and red themed sword, with titanium coated red blade – all very Hobgoblin..

Should be an interesting piece – I will endeavor to create a proper page for it as it gets closer to completion, but for now – just a sneak peak of something else that is coming down the line.

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