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Updates on the BCI Stragglers and a New Design

Just a quick update on the three remaining swords outstanding that are being made by Blade Culture International for us.

The Brand of the Fallen and the Flame of the Host are still being reworked, with the fittings remade. Here are a couple of pics showing where these two designs are up to.

And the new scabbard for the Castir looks the part – here is a pic of the generic leather scabbard that we decided against using..

And the new scabbard in its glory..

And now some exciting news, a new collaboration with Jeffrey Robinson from Bronze by Jeffrey Robinson, otherwise known as Brother Banzai from the SBG Sword Forum..

The Sword is an Angelic blade made by Master Smiths from Forge Direct – a Feathersteel blade to be decked out in hand made bronze fittings by Jeffrey that he designed himself.

Indeed, even the backstory was done by Jeff, and coincidentally dovetailed perfectly with our own ‘War in Heaven’ backstory so no editing at all was necessary.

You can learn more about the design and see how it is progressing here – in the meantime, stay tuned. Jeffrey’s work is not cheap, but as you can see from one of his other designs, it is truly in a league of its own and the perfect match for our Fantasy Swords project.

One of Jeffreys creations, the lannister sword. pattern welded 1080 and 15n20 valued at around $5800
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