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A long hiatus..

It has been nearly 2 months since the last update – and there have been various reasons for this..

One is that I have been waiting on several long overdue projects to get closer to their completion date, which had a flow on effect on the development of the site. Another is that all the time spent on this site was starting to have a negative impact on Sword Buyers – and I had to redress the imbalance, after all – it is SBG that funds this project.

But the final reason, and perhaps the most honest, is that the delays combined with the complexity of the final stages of the pre beta launch caused me to procrastinate..

I will outline the final road map to beta 1.0 in another post, but in summary – the final stages are quite technical and complex, and will require either a large amount of study of new (to me) site building techniques or a large injection of capital to pay someone else to do it, and with funds for the project at an all time low, it is looking like I must prepare myself for more sleepless nights burning the midnight candle to make it work and balance the intensive demands upon my time..

So perhaps taking a short break was what was needed to recharge my batteries for the final push to get us across the line and to beta 1.0 (hey, no-one said it would be easy).

Naturally, we have come way to far to even consider turning back – and if need be I set a date to launch the site and, no matter how ‘finished’ I feel it is at the time, it will be launched regardless..

The good news is that now, most of the works in progress are actually pretty much complete.

Indeed, if you check the pages of the Flame of the Host/Brand of the Fallen and the Castir – you will find some nice new galleries of the completed swords! But for those of you too lazy to bother – below is a composite picture of the Brand and the Flame clashing which was made using actual images of the completed swords..

And below, is the finished Castir..

Now like I said, I will be posting a road map to beta again early next month while in the meantime I try to finish up the changes and updates to SBG and prepare myself for the mental and physical effort to study new web-building techniques and methods that I have never done before, as well as actually do the work (without, I hope – accidently destroying the site in the process – no wonder I have procrastinated!).

So stay tuned! The hiatus is coming to an end, and the final push to beta 1.0 victory is looming…

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