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Beta 0.8

While I have not updated the blog quite as often as before, with less than 2 weeks to go before the launch a burst of activity sees us in a good position to make it relatively smoothly to the finish line.. (I hope I don’t regret saying that!).

Most of what has been done has to do with improving the layout and format of the site, such as adding an interactive map of Eletreus where you can click on an area and be taken straight to the relevant listing, creating clean images of each of the swords for a better visual reference, giving them a better, standardized listing format, etc.

However, there are also new articles and pages that were needed to fill out the gaps – such as a page listing some of the most influential Fantasy Artists, tips on sword designing, a contact page – that kind of thing.

Additionally, some of the backstories of the swords have been revised, most notably those of the swords of Lhasa, and better listings were also created for the two Western style swords in the Forge Direct line up made by Michael Ye – and have been designated as swords of the Sky Templars.

And behind the scenes, Rayhan and myself have been further discussing and working out the over-arching storyline for the webcomic and other peripheral stories and ideas, and I can tell you there are some very interesting twists and turns ahead..

As such, that put’s us firmly in Beta 0.8 territory and as we have done since the beginning, the header logo gets a facelift – going from 0.7:

To 0.8:

The next steps will be completing the webcomic, and inviting some of the influential members from SBG who contributed in some way or another to join as members and get earlybird access. After some more input and further editing to make sure we have all the basics in place for the launch, we will switch over to Beta 0.9 – and the last steps to get us across the finish line will be mostly technical ones, bolstering the sites speed, security and ensuring it can handle the traffic increase as it opens up and reveals itself to the world for the first time.

I will update again once the first VIP members are given invites, in the meantime, lots of work to do and only 2 weeks to do it all in..

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