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Sorry if the format keeps changing but..

Not sure exactly why, it could be a plug in conflict thing in wordpress or it could be that some update has temporarily broken it, but a plug in that we are using to have a type of gallery where instead of just opening a larger sized picture, it clicks through to a specific page, has suddenly stopped working.

I have temporarily changed the theme to see if that makes a difference, and it doesn’t, so unless the plug in repairs itself in the next few hours, I am going to stop using it and fix up the pages effected – mostly all the pictures in the bestiary sub pages and the flags of Aelutia. Additionally, I am not sure if the webcomic is viewable page by page in mobile (one of the benefits of the current theme I am testing as I write this post is that it is really good across platforms,. while some look better in mobile or others better on a full screen)..

So while it feels a bit like one step forward, two steps back as now I need to fix stuff up rather than develop it further, on the positive side at least it has happened NOW ahead of the launch, and could well lead to a better format overall – so I am not going to sweat it. Still, have a feeling it might be one of those days – woke up this morning to my main and backup modems BOTH mysteriously completely turned off and had to troubleshoot THAT before even sitting down with my morning coffee!! Not a good start I can tell you..

Anyway, don’t be too alarmed if you see the pages changing around – some more early bird VIPs who helped develop the site will get more invites later today as well, so apologies if your first impression of the site is that it keeps mysteriously changing every now and again – its a mystery no more..!

As we get closer to launch, I will also do my best to document what is going on. While much of what has been written to date has only been seen by 2-3 people, it’s there for posterity and so we have some time capsule snapshots of the site as it grew and developed.

Talk again soon.


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