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Chapter One Ready!

Some great news, the first chapter of the Webcomic in both versions is ready! It took a bit longer to get it to work on mobile AND desktop and sort out some unexpected formatting issues that required both versions to be reformatted, but it is finally done. And as such, we will try to get well ahead of the publishing schedule and will get our artists started on chapter 2 (we have a second draft storyboard of the book one, however further edits and advanced instructions are needed to ensure our artists understand what we need done and how the characters should look, etc).

Additionally I added a voting poll to the webcomic page to get an idea of which version you prefer. For a while, we will publish both versions side by side, but eventually one will be dropped in favor of the other – while the other style, whichever one it will be, will be used for peripheral stories and bonus one off or special edition comics rather than the main series.

It is a lot of fun, and soon it looks like we may have some additional team members coming on board with extensive experience in the webcomic publishing business, so it can only get better from here!

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