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A few more thoughts on worldbuilding..

Just wanted to write a few more quick thoughts on the worldbuilding we are doing – it has been a hobby of mine for around 30 years or so. From pen and paper role playing games to building out Eletreus, its a fun activity to create a world – and judging from the views of some worldbuilding videos on YouTube I have recently stumbled upon, quite a few other people share this passion of mine.

However, it was watching one of these videos recently that I was introduced to a website I had not seen before called ‘Worlds Anvil’ which is made by a husband and wife team who by coincidence are working on a similar concept as what we are doing here – though open to everyone to make their own worlds from scratch. Here is a 46 second video from Janet, one half of the World Anvil Team..

Indeed, it may be a good place to check out later and host Eletreus – as it has the same basic concept layout – timelines, zoomable maps, etc, etc – so could well be a good fit!

Of course, with now less than 7 days to go before the launch – anything that hasn’t been built yet isn’t going to be built before the launch, so will need to change focus again on other aspects of the site. But before I do, I wanted to make a footnote about this company as I do plan on checking out their project properly at a later date:

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