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Wasn’t the smoothest launch ever but…

I must admit the launch could have gone smoother..

A lot of visitors who checked in immediately after the countdown finished found themselves in a weird caching twilight zone where they were still getting the countdown page, but it looks like for the most part this issue has resolved and people are finally able to take a look for the first time.

As the launch itself is really just the beginning rather than an end in itself, I don’t really mind (though of course, would have preferred it all went smoother!) – but now the REAL work can begin..

Speaking of which, I just wanted to share with you all a couple of quick behind the scenes pictures of a future character who will appear in an upcoming issue of the comic. Quite a fun and eclectic anti-hero type, I wouldn’t say he is ‘pure evil’ but he sure isn’t ‘good’ by any measure.

Our in house artist Winsoy had him down fairly well with the first draft but I think a few minor tweaks in the second draft makes him more in line with what I envision for him.


As you can see, I added a few extra weapons to his line up, including magical throwing spikes and a big ass Kris blade dagger as well as changing his helmet to something more suitable and starting to define his bare, tattooed left arm.

As to what happened to the other horn on his helmet, that is a story for another time..

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