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New and improved maps

After seeing the recent improvements to the map making software (inkarnate) we are using to make our maps, the time had come to update the original placeholder maps, most of which were rough drafts anyway, and had their fair share of errors and inconsistencies between the large and small scale maps.

So, while it has taken countless hours, I have created a ‘master map’ from four 2000×2000 pixel size sectional maps and ‘sewed’ them together to remove the seams as best as I can in photoshop. Here is an example of the expanded map in low resolution.

The secret of the master map is that it contains micro details if you zoom in, and each land has been carefully re-designed to ensure cities and civilizations make best use of their strategic resources. Plus we also marked conflict areas with flames to show what areas are under attack or currently plunged into war or extended conflicts.

Here is an example of what I mean – with the old map on the left and the new one on the right.

Details are a lot clearer, and the layout of the land makes more sense and you can envision how it is divided into various Kingdoms that is not so clear with the original layout.

The plan from here is to have a professional take over – this is about the limits of what I can personally do, and while its not bad and good enough for the time being, I have some people in mind who can take it to the next level.

But yes, that is more than enough map making for me for now – next up, a new sword design taking shape, more webcomic adventures and a surprise project!

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