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Chapter Two of the Webcomic

Yup, its the 15th – and that means that it is time for the next installment of the monthly webcomic story the Gathering of the Heroes.

Naturally chapter two continues the story started in chapter one – and Aofie from Tuath De has to deal with the sudden appearance of the Jhir’Kai, an unstoppable killing machine that even Aofie may not be able to defeat.. (if you recall, in chapter one the last thing that happened was she was confronted by rampaging Jhir’Kai crashing its way through the Badlands looking for something to kill..)

But in chapter 2 we branch off and introduce another parallel story-line 700 miles to the East, with Denisia of Pomedica hunting a rather nasty anti-hero character whom you will learn more about as the story progresses..

Its going to be a tough chapter for our heroes, this one..

So here it is – hope you enjoy!

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