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Webcomic Expansions and Chapter 3 of the Gathering

Chapter Three of our main webcomic story has just been released and continues the tale from last month which saw two of our heroes having a hard time of it..


While chapter three does not yet touch on the fate of the fallen Sword Saint Mercenary Denisia of Pomedica – it starts off with Aofie’s struggle against the indestructible abomination, the Jhir’Kai – hopefully in time to save the hapless envoy from being the monsters next meal…

But there is also a bonus side story in CGI format that we first revealed on Facebook – but now it has a brand new format and follows the story of Aofie just before the events of the Gathering and explains why she was wandering around the Badlands to begin with..

This story is part of a new section specifically for such side stories – and is the first of many planned tales of high adventure. Check it out (Rated PG – frequent violence, some gore and implied nudity).

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