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Kicking off 2019 with Chapter 5 of the Webcomic

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

It has been a fair while since there has been a significant update, but the time is due for the next installment of our ‘Gathering of the Heroes’ webcomic, and this month to story continues as the hero count increases with the introduction of the Sakkala Spider Riding Shaman Tharan Sunathork and the mad mercenary of the north, Lokhan..

Will Lokhan’s daring and half baked plan to disarm the mighty Orc King of Thane succeed in time for him to join the gathering? Can the new Sakkala guide be trusted, or will he lead our Elfin hero’s Aofie and Lad into their tangled web of intrigue? And how will the Vorpal Sword fare against the chitinous armor of a Badlands Giant Centipede?

Find out in Chapter Five of Book One, the Gathering of the Heroes



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