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Behind the Scenes: Revisions to Chapter Six

Today a little ‘behind the scenes’ of how the webcomic Gathering of the Heroe’s takes shape..

As we mentioned in the last blog post, the most recent issue of the webcomic only just made the deadline in time due to an undelivered email before the holidays and then our artist Winsoy was hospitalized for a few days (obviously he is better now as we did indeed make the deadline).

This meant that you saw a less refined version of the webcomic yesterday than you saw today – so let’s take a peek at the process of how we go from idea to finished issue..

Everything is storyboarded using free software called ToonDo – it is quite possible to make much nicer cartoons than what I do, but my goal with the storyboard panels is not to look good but to try and provide a visual guide for Winsoy along with notes on each panel and further design elements grabbed from the interwebz.

Here is an example of the scene early in chapter six where Denisia knocks on the door and Elisa bursts into tears.

Winsoy then sketches out each scene and feedback is provided. Here is his first sketch of this scene.





While its not bad, she looks a bit too but in the second one, Denisia looks too ‘happy’ – so the revision for the sketch was to show her looking more surprised that Elisa suddenly bursts into tears (she is quite confident, overconfident as it turns out, that she can handle the situation and has a plan to see if they would open the door and blast them to make her way in with Elisa close behind – as you know, it didn’t quite work out that way..) and she is comforting Elisa in the second image.

Here is the revision.

And then, the final scene..

This scene didn’t really need any additional refinements. But about 6 other scenes did.

Here is an example of the change we made today. Below is the original pic of when the fight breaks out with the goblins.

It’s a fierce attack, the Dragons Tongue casually and easily finding its mark in a goblins eye socket as she jumps and superman punches a Bugbear in the jaw. But there was something missing – her other sword – which should have been in this scene fighting by itself (Denisia commonly uses this strategy when fighting multiple opponents, as it effectively gives her an invisible backup fighter while she goes to work using the Dragons Tongue and her adept agility and empty handed striking techniques).

So here is how the scene looks now..

One goblin is about to get stabbed, another takes to the air using goblin magic, but the Sword of Peace seeks him out like a missile. And in the first few seconds of the fight, she is off to a strong start – but swears under her breath as while she is a world class fighter, melee with goblins is never a good idea (their weapons are poisoned, Denisia is unarmored – relying on her speed and adept skill to avoid injury – and she has no idea of what the Goblin King is capable of, nor his more powerful lackeys)..

So there you go, hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into how each issue of the webcomic comes about. It’s a fairly intensive and expensive process, but if you are enjoying the ride so far, its well worth the time and money to publish it every month for you..

In case you missed the link, here it is again: Chapter Six


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