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Just a quick post to let you know that BOTH of our webcomic story-lines just got an update – chapter seven of the Gathering of the Heroes story and chapter twelve; Goblin Witchcraft, of Aofie and the Arena of Doom..

Once again, despite best efforts, it was a bit of a last minute rush to complete chapter seven on time – and a few scenes still need a few minor tweaks – but the story is there, and begins to pick up pace as it gets closer to its final conclusion..

Speaking of picking up pace, so is the story of Aofie – and by the end of the current chapter in the series, you can clearly see just how fast things are starting to move as that tale also starts to reach its conclusion..

Click here to read chapter seven of the main webcomic and click here for the next installment of Aofie and the Arena of Doom.

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