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Clearance Sales at the SBG Sword Store…

Unlike historically based swords, you never really know if a given fantasy sword design is going to be a successful seller or not. Like with custom made swords, each design may well have a very limited appeal – and a design I think is great, you might think is completely lame and visa versa..

Of course, this makes investing in fantasy sword production an inherently risky endeavor. Run too many products that don’t sell as well as you needed them to can create major cash flow issues as money gets tied up in stock that does not move and prevents the development of new designs that may be more successful until eventually a product line may come to a complete halt..

For the most part, the fantasy designs presented so far as part of the Legendary Swords project has been well received. But a couple of designs are proving to be problematic, and with sales having come to a halt but with nearly $20,000 worth of stock tied up and not moving, some hard decisions need to be made..

With only 4 pieces in stock yet priced at $3,000 per sword – the Seraph Aegis failed to sell within the required time period and despite best efforts to promote this stunning one of a kind sword, it has reached the point where we have had no choice but to scrap the project and terminate the planned production of 20 swords. The 4 that we have now are IT, once they are sold – this design is gone for good.

And while we priced as low as we could, at this point profits no longer matter, we need to recover our costs – so the price is now just $2750 as the sword goes on final closeout sale..

Here they are, the first and final 5

But this is not the only sword being liquidated – another is the unique and original Hobgoblin Jintachi made by the Black Dragon Forge..

Here’s a pic of the quenching (in the fantasy world setting of course!)

With a red titanium coated 1095 monotempered carbon steel blade, 14″ handle and curvature based on several Filipino fighting swords and the Russian Kijili, the design is set off with bakemono themed fittings, a bright demonic red saya and black rattan wrap reinforcement. Originally $329.99 it is now being liquidated at $274.99 with FREE SHIPPING in North America – and once sold out, this limited edition design is also gone for good..

Going, going…

Yes, it is a shame when the pool of swords in a product line are reduced rather than expanded – but that it how it goes sometimes in the fickle sword industry.. So have a look and if you like what you see, snap them up before its too late..

Seraph Aegis – the first and final 5

Hobgoblin Jintachi – Final closeout sale pricing

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