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Coming out of beta just got a lot further away…

We did what we could to get the word out about these swords that took around 9 months to bring to the market – and managed to get them in at our target price despite some real difficulties..

Unfortunately, sales have not been forthcoming. Normally, if a new product is going to sell well, we know in the first couple of days. But despite sending the word out to around 15,000 sword enthusiasts, posting on social media and shouting it from the rooftops, we literally sold 2 Castir on launch day and that’s it – no additional sales, interest or anything.

With our allotted budget now stretched well beyond what we had anticipated, we no longer have the funds to develop any new projects such as commissioning new original artworks, prototyping new models, doing additional production runs, running competitions or many other projects that haven’t even been discussed publicly yet..

Pretty much all we can do now is finish book one of the webcomic and complete the Aofie and the Arena of Doom story. Almost everything else however has come to a grinding halt..

In short, we need to go back to the drawing board..

Naturally, a project only truly fails when you give up, and we have no intention of giving up and abandoning the hundreds of hours spent working on the site and tens of thousands of dollars invested in the project so far.. But clearly, we are badly off track and need to explore other possibilities.

I will discuss these possibilities in a later post, but for now we need to go into survival mode – which as as the title of this post suggests has pushed the launch out of beta so far into the future that when and how we will get to where we need to be is unclear.

For the time being though, things will probably be very quiet for a while as we regroup, lick our wounds, and try to find a way out of the wilderness.

I do have some ideas, but as none have really been very good ones of late and we no longer have a budget to do anything about them anyway, slowly, slowly will be the name of the game.

Yes, it is very discouraging and has been a series of blows that has the project on the ropes. And personally, I need to take some time away from it to recharge my creative batteries and when we get started again, work on aspects of the site that do not cost anything other than time to do.

We may have lost the battle, but the war is far from over.

– Paul Southren

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