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Last Update for a While..

First off, the good news – chapter 8 of the webcomic just went online here – and we also added not one but FOUR new chapters to the Aofie and the Arena of Doom side story which brings that tale to its conclusion and ends it with the opening scene of the Gathering of the Heroes.

Here’s the links:

Chapter 8 – Gathering of the Heroes

Aofie and the Arena of Doom

Chapter Thirteen: Within Reach

Chapter Fourteen: Fake Friends and a Fireball

Chapter Fifteen: Learning to Fly

Chapter Sixteen: Destiny Road

Unfortunately, as mentioned in the previous blog post, the swords that we had pinned our hopes to after a series of launch failures and lack of interest in the swords we have been making here also did not sell well..

From all these financial blows and setbacks, with almost no swords being able to be sold at a price that we can actually make a profit from and finance the sites development and projects, this may well be the last post in a very long time..

Behind the scenes, new approaches and new directions for the content of the site itself will be explored and the final two chapters of the Gathering of the Heroes WILL be completed, but at their own pace and no longer to a specific schedule. And with such a lackluster response to our attempt to fill the void for well made fully functional fantasy sword designs – the only projects we will consider from now on will be projects we would have done as part of SBG anyway.

This is not to say that if a new idea or way forward presents itself, we will not try it if we are in a position to do so. But after so many failed launches, we will take some time off to let the disappointment fade and come back to the drawing board with fresh ideas and approaches having learned the hard lessons of the past.

To the handful of people who have supported and enjoyed the project to date, I want to take an opportunity to thank you for your interest and support. While the direction we take needs to change and clearly there is little to no interest in functional fantasy swords, my own interest in the swords and sorcery genre, art and multimedia has just been whetted and when we finally recover enough to risk investing in the venture again, we hope that we will be closer to finally making it a success.

Stay tuned – we may be beaten black and blue but we aren’t done yet.. Not by a long shot..

  • Paul Southren, 15th April 2019


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