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Aftermath: Quick Update (and Some Behind the Scenes Extras Not Suitable for Arachnophobes..!)

Well, the final sell off of all the Legendary Swords production runs and made to order swords has finally come to an end. Everything is now sold out and gone – and we also just archived the cool Asian Fantasy swords that Master Michael Ye was making for us..

All that is left from a commercial point of view are the made to order designs by Scorpion Swords, albeit under different names. For example, the Early Aelutian Gladius has been renamed as the Fantasy Celtic Sword (as it was a hybrid of their discontinued Celtic pride sword and the Achilles Sword).

Still available, but renamed

All the other swords are gone and no longer available – but before the writing on the wall became clear that our project was not going to be commercially viable as it stands, there was another sword in development that I was making for one of my best friends who I have known since highschool – and while it will never be released as a production run, I am committed to having it made for him as a gift.

It is based on a sword from our D&D days – I was the DM and his character Thorkil was a ‘Beast Rider’ who chose a Giant Spider, so as DM I created a tribe of spider riding humans – the Sakkala

While he was adopted into their tribe as a child as is not a native Sakkala (he was actually of Thane blood) he was instrumental in helping them breed a new and faster species of spiders essentially similar to a giant sized Australian wolfspider.

It certainly made for an interesting campaign, especially when despite precautions being taken when left alone for a few hours without supervision, it had a nasty habit of eating any nearby horses at any chance it could get when the the adventurers went dungeon dwelling (“How many times do I have to tell you!? Stop eating everyone’s horses1”).

Anyway, back to the sword design – Blade Culture International are the guys working on it. Here is the basic design, which features many ‘spidery’ features such as multiple black semi precious stones for eyes and a spider fang ricasso.

And here is the pre-grind, freshly forged 5160 spring steel blade replica.

Fittings are all being done now, which are one off brass castings which, I must say, are looking extraordinarily good and will clutch a cluster of 3 black spider eyes (likely to be made from black obsidian).

BCI will be making this for me as a one off custom order, though as it requires multiple castings in brass and is not going to be made to an economy of scale (its a one off) the cost to have them make something like would end up with it priced at around $2,500..

If we made a production run, then it would probably be closer to $1000 a piece, but to quote Dennis Moore the highwayman ‘thank you very much, but I’ve passed through that stage’..

I will keep you updated from time to time in case anyone is curious to see how long it takes and what goes into making a custom sword.

In the meantime, an update on the webcomic..

Chapter 9 was to feature a collaboration between myself and major contributor Rayhan Alfatta (he was to take over the second half of the chapter), however with the cancellation of all planned and future prototypes and production runs to date Rayhan has expressed his desire to finalize his involvement with the project and so some major restructuring of the story and timelines may be inevitable.

But just for anyone who is vaguely interested, here are some of the preliminary sketches of from my part of the story arc..

There’s more (a lot more), but I think that’s more than enough for now..

With a few tweaks to the existing webcomic storyline it is quite possible to change the threat the heros face and come up with an entirely new tale for book 2.

Only time will tell..

In the meantime, I plan to continue to work with Winsoy and also plan an edit and second draft of the original storyline to include some extra scenes to help make some scenes a little easier to understand what is happening and why and as noted above – if need be – change the protagonist and reason for the heros gathering (there are many possibilities here – after all, Eletreus and the Aelutian Empire in particular has a lot of potential problems and threats in the current era, from the power mad crown prince to threats from deep below the earth and of course the ultimate enemy, another DeathKnight or Black King or Queen of Thane to a sudden mobilization of the armies of the dead under the Lich King just to name a few!).

So in conclusion, while the era of our attempt to bring the highest quality production runs of functional fantasy swords to market has come to an end, the project is far from over..

Indeed, despite this setback, it would not be a stretch to say that now – freed of the necessity to tie the tales directly to the swords we were planning to promote – it has really only just started.

Updates may not be all that frequent, but slow and steady wins the race.




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