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The Custom Sakkala Sword

It’s taking shape so fast that I am almost speechless, but the custom sword I mentioned in the previous post – the Sword of the Sakkala – is taking shape so fast and has so many cool behind the scenes pics available that even though we have no plans to make a production run at this stage, it really does showcase just how talented and versatile the artisans at Blade Culture International Really are…

Indeed, there are so many pics that I figured I might as well make a page for the sword and a page for the behind the scenes making of the sword just for old times sake..

Personally, I love how quickly it is taking shape and how it is looking. And knowing that when it is finished, its not only going to look good – it is going to be a GOOD sword in every aspect – well, I just hope you enjoying watching it take shape as much as I do..

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