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A new direction? There is life in the old girl yet..

It’s been far too long since we have done very much with the Legendary Swords site. But behind the scenes, while a new comprehensive plan is yet to emerge, there is ‘life in the old girl yet’ as they say..

As a relatively young website, it doesn’t really get that many visits – but we had one recently that may herald the beginning of a new direction for the site..

As you know, I am deeply impressed by BCI’s (Blade Culture International’s) ability to make pretty much whatever it is that I asked them to make.

The most recent example, the Sakkala Sword (pictured left) that was a one off custom design made as a gift to one of my best friends back in my homeland Australia.

Seeing this, and the versatility of the forge, we had a serious inquiry for a custom made Zelda Master Sword – but the problem is, to make just one costs almost as much as it would to have a US based custom sword maker make it (though it will also include a highly detailed scabbard, so in the end may be half the cost of a US based maker – but I still feel is too expensive)..

However, if we do a short run of swords (about a dozen or so) – we are certain other fans of the Master Sword who want a high quality, fully functional replica would also be interested – and it brings the price down for the original customer significantly (like by over a 1/3)..

As such, well – here is where we are up to with a 1:1 scale preliminary blueprint.

And here it is, the first look at the bare blades – roughly forged..

Clearly there is a lot more work to be done on them, but we will keep you posted here as they take shape.

In the meantime, other parts of the site will be revamped and updated next year – so even though we had the roughest start possible and there is a ton of work needed to get the site back on track again – it’s far from over..

But it is at least for 2019, so until next year – stay safe, seasons greetings and update you all again in due course accordingly!

  • Paul Southren
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