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Zelda Sword Update

First off, a belated ‘Happy New Years’ for 2020!

While most of my attention has been firmly on Sword Buyers Guide after my recent trip to Japan – I certainly have not forgotten about this labor of love. And while the final direction has not yet been decided, at least as the Zelda Swords have been coming along – and it is update time!

The first picture is of the basic blades in a pre-finished state – nice solid 5160 Spring Steel..

Next up, the wood core scabbard jigs..

And another picture of the scabbards, an area that BCI really do excel in..

And now the meat and potatoes and one of the most distinctive features of the Zelda Sword design – the handle fittings (and I must admit, this photo looks pretty awesome – something about the background, the lighting and the sword itself really makes this design POP).

And one more picture for good luck..

As always, BCI are doing great work on this design, and if all goes to plan, this sword should be available to order direct from the SBG Sword Store mid to late February..

More updates coming soon!

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