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Bestiary Update underway and Story Line changes

With the Zelda sword having sold out, and with no new project currently pending – I have taken this opportunity to revisit several neglected areas of the site and start to breathe new life into it so it can start to take shape and mature as we had originally planned.

First off, the Bestiary – our collection of original and ‘stock’ fantasy monsters – is in the process of a major update.

Each listing is being edited one more time, and the placeholder images are slowly but surely being replaced by professionally drawn images, going through the entire alphabet of monsters from A to Z.

Here’s a couple of ‘before and after’ images to show you what I mean.

Animated Skeleton



Or the Behemoth..



A rather big improvement I think, and steadily being rolled out for every monster in the entire Bestiary 10 at a time.

In the meantime, I am slowly editing and re-writing much of the history of Eletreus – removing some third party created characters such as the Deathless Witch and literally sinking the Land of the Dead..

It’s no easy task to re-write, and has stalled the re-release of the webcomic as the storyline has had to come up with a new main protagonist and plot – but I have some clear idea of what that will be now, it is simply a question of finding the time to pull together all the disparate threads and weave it all back together again.

Stay tuned, lots going on behind the scenes – and while it has had many a set back, this project may have a long way to go, but slow and steady will win the race..

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