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About the Artwork

Legendary Swords of Eletrues is dedicated to classic Swords and Sorcery Fantasy Art, both digital, on paper and of course, in steel..

The illustrations used throughout come from a variety of sources. Exeter from the SBG Sword Forums does a lot of work using 3D modeling software such as Daz3, both for the webcomic and for the site. Some background portraits, and the webcomic are hand drawn by Winsoy, our in house graphic artist – such as the city of Notarikon which we use as the default background image for most pages in the site.

We also purchased the limited rights to the works of a Serbian based artist, Vuk Kostic – who licenses his works out to websites via sites such as shutterstock and istock photo. His art inspired many of the stories of ancient Eletrues, and his art features prominently in the early histories of the world and the Empire.

Others have been sourced from a massive reservoir of royalty free artworks at and either used as is or combined together in Photoshop to depict an original scene.

Here is an example of the artwork freely available to use as is from the artists who generously contribute to this resource.

And below, an example of a collage I threw together in Photoshop.. (one of the simplest, basically taking the background image, changing the mounted warriors hair and placing the evil princess in the center).

Some of these collages are simply placeholders to serve as a guideline for professionals to take over. And a few I like good enough to keep permanently.


As we do not own the full copyright to every image on the site, in most cases only holding the license/permission to publish on our site, please do not use the images on this website elsewhere on the internet without checking with us first. In many cases, we will be happy to share access to the original images we do own the copyright to, but will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Similarly, if YOU are a digital artist and feel inspired to create an illustration based on the stories here – we want to hear from you and if your work is up to scratch, we will not only feature your work in a portfolio and gallery, but pay you fair market compensation in cold hard cash for your work!

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