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Brief Summary of what this site is about..

A first time casual visitor may well be left scratching their head wondering ‘what the heck IS this website actually all about anyway?’

And to be honest, it’s a darned good question. Because in many ways, this site serves a myriad of purposes..

The easy answer is that first and foremost, it is a showcase for fantasy sword artisans and real world, original design BATTLE READY FANTASY SWORDS with a deep and (we hope) compelling backstory unlike any other.

In the past, most Fantasy swords not based on existing works of fiction had no real rhyme or reason for the designs, and left hard core fans of the Swords and Sorcery genre feeling that they were missing most of the story.

But not here!

Here we have weaved together a rich tapestry of a fantasy world where you can go as deep or as shallow as you want to. So instead of just alluding to a fantastic land where a particular magical sword is supposed to exist, here you can find the DETAILS. And if you don’t, well, you can contribute to the ongoing stories yourself!

But while this is the original raison d’être for this site, it has been deliberately made to be multi-faceted.

  • If you are a fan of Fantasy Artwork – our goal is to slowly but surely amass a huge original collection of aspiring and established fantasy artists, and if we are lucky, some world class famous ones too..
  • If you play pen and pencil role playing games, here is ready made world you can use (along with a basic free system) with hundreds of plot ideas, original monsters to surprise your players, and – well – the most amazing PROPS that represent to exact swords your characters will probably want the most..!
  • If you just love REAL swords, we take you behind the scenes – showing you the process of creating original designs, and all the steps along the way to turn a sketch into artwork in steel you can hold in your hand, feel the heft of, and even do a little backyard test cutting!
  • If you love MONSTERS and LEGENDARY BEASTS, yeah – we got those too in abundance. And while you may think you know the names, what they are in Eletreus will surely surprise, shock or even unsettle you a little (though the site is PG, so nothing TOO horrid, but there are – as you might expect with the Sword and Sorcery Genre – some supernatural themes, and some non gratuitous blood and guts on occasion).
  • If you are a game developer or an aspiring novelist and feel inspired by something here, drop us a line! In the early days while we are trying to get the word out to the Fantasy Sword loving community out there, we will probably let you use the whole thing for free if you don’t change anything but instead add to or expand upon parts of the story..

As you can see, it is what you want it to be.. Because this is a shared story that is always growing and getting even richer and deeper with every new tidbit we add.

It can be your story too – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Which, if you have read this far, is clearly well developed.

My hope is only that you enjoy your visit(s) here. After all, that’s the whole purpose of the Fantasy genre – some harmless escapism. So have fun and make of it what you will!

– Paul Southren

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