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While the concept of the site and much of the actual writing at the start was the domain of your humble editor in chief, from the beginning the Legendary Swords Project has been a collaborative and international effort – and I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the ride so far.

First off, I would like to thank the team at Blade Culture International, especially Gene Batan from BCI USA for arranging it and the DeGuzman Family for showing me around the forge where the idea first came to me and helping turn the first swords from paper sketches to real steel.

Secondly, I would like to thank Rayhan Alfatta, who has contributed hugely to the storyline, helping to name many of the characters, areas and developed quite a few of the concepts such as the magic section, the Deathless Witch, Notarikon, Temple Nimbus, Domas Rahm and much more. Not to mention his skill at designing swords such as the Castir and the Kinebranch and his boundless enthusiasm for the project. Another co-developer I would like to thank is SBG member OneKelvin, who helped flesh out many of the ideas for the lands and cultures of Eletreus, such as the Badlands, Silverleaf,

I would also like to thank all of the artisans and their team members who have helped or have put their hands up to be a part of the project actually making the swords early on before the actual launch. People like John Lundemo, KC Lund, Warren Louw and James Fang from Longship Armory, Brendan Olszowy from Fable Blades, Chris and Paula Palmer from Scorpion Swords, Michael Ye from Forge Direct, Jeffrey R. Robinson from Bronze By Jeffrey Robinson and anyone else in their support teams not mentioned. And of course, our artists, Windy Winsoy and Exeter.

Naturally, I also want to thank the designers of the first swords so we can launch our project – Daniel Dacombe, MrBadExample, Klarson, Alexander Hoffman, Swordmaster0813, Celegon, Djinnobi and Joren Soreno. Some of these people, especially Celegon and Djinnobi, also contributed many ideas and helped develop the lands of Eletreus and help give it some real character. Others who also contributed to the initial development include Ramses1079, Stormmaster, AndiTheBarvarian, MOK, Freq, Dchisenh and anyone else who contributed to one of the early threads or submitted an entry in the initial competition.

As we continue to grow, no doubt more acknowledgements will need to be added – but anyway, to all of those above who have made this site what it is now, a sincere heartfelt ‘thank you’!!

Paul Southren

Editor in Chief, Legendary Swords – Owner Sword Buyers

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