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The Behemoth is a terrifying humanoid of gargantuan proportions with a voracious appetite for, of all things, rocks. Usually only found in mountainous regions, once per year Behemoths come down from the mountains to supplement their rocky diet with meat, especially livestock, often working in small groups of 3-5 individuals to herd the animals together and gorge themselves for up to a week before plodding back to their mountainous homes.

Curiously, their diet of rocks causes their shoulders and the top of their heads to be encased in hard, rocky protrusions that act as a kind of natural armor and can only be damaged by magical weapons, while the rest of their body has a thick, hairless hide that is similar in consistency to double the thickness of boiled and hardened leather armor.

Using no weapons, and wearing no clothing or ornamentation of any kind, Behemoths appear to be wild and savage in nature, but this is only because they are usually encountered when on their hunt for meat. When discovered in their mountain habitats, Behemoths are rarely openly hostile, seemingly content to spend their time lazily chewing up rocks with their indestructible teeth or sleeping it off while they digest their rocky meal, though will typically emit a low, growling rumbling sound if anyone dares to get too close and dislike being interrupted..

On the night of the full moon, Behemoths sing praises to Danu in their deep, gravelly voices that can be heard many miles away – but on the nights of the Blood Moon, they become truly horrific – their whole body erupting with stony protrusions and they will ball themselves up roll down the mountains before seeking out and attempting to kill any living thing they encounter.

For the damage they do to livestock and the danger they pose during the blood moon, Behemoths are mercilessly hunted by mercenary ‘Giant Killers’ – highly trained and highly skilled groups of men and women armed with magical weapons and with a fighting style that emphasizes speed and maneuverability and attacking from ambush. When thus threatened, Behemoths become enraged, and can cause earthquakes and landslides by stomping their oversized feet on the ground and will attempt to crush and pulverize said hunters mercilessly.

The exact origin of the Behemoths is unknown, and nor is their reproductive cycle, as no females or young of the species have ever been discovered and they do not seem to age. Some scholars speculate that they all originally came from a single source somewhere deep in the Demonsteeth Mountains, and may actually be the physical manifestation of mountain spirits taken on flesh form, but as the most common human reaction is not to study them, but to eliminate them, and they have no language of their own, their origins are likely to remain a mystery.

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