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Blade Culture International

Blade Culture International (BCI) has been making swords in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan, the Philippines for over 40 years, but in 2013 branched out and decided to create their own brand and independent identity.

Chief Editor Paul Southren and the BCI team in Pozzurubio

Truly hand made from start to finish, under the wise and experienced leadership of father and son team Hernando and Fernando De Guzman, their blades have a solid reputation for quality. Each blade is hand forged from a length of 5160 Spring Steel, and all fittings are created by a very talented team of artisans, with extremely strict quality control by Hernando De Guzman himself.

It is not only the high standard that they hold themselves to and the true hand made nature of their products that sets them apart from other sword makers, but also their ability to innovate and improvise. As such, they cannot be pigeonholed into a single category of swords but are instead capable of recreating fully functional replicas of anything and everything from traditional Filipino blades to Japanese Katana, Chinese Jian and Dao, Sabers, Shortswords, Claymores – you name it, BCI can and probably have made it..

Indeed, it was the flexibility and overall quality of this forge that led to the idea of this project in the first place, most notably their selection of ancient and medieval swords that caught my eye in their display room – and led me to think “I bet these guys could create some really cool Battle Ready Fantasy Swords”

The swords that inspired this project in the first place, especially the Celtic Sword Second from Right

For our project, BCI are starting with 6 original Legendary Sword designs – including the first versions of our iconic swords, the Flame of the Host and the Brand of the Fallen (after all, these guys can do a wicked Flamberge and Kris blade, some of the best in the world) as well as the Aelutian Gladius, Sword of Danu, the Castir and the Vorpal Sword.

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