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Native to the plains of Tuath De, the Centaur are a Sylvan hybrid of man and horse and in their natural tribal state, are supreme hunters of their domains. Naturally brave and proud creatures with a strict hierarchy. they are also fiercely loyal and once their loyalty is given, it is unbreakable.

Because of this, during the alliance with Tuath De, Centaurs quickly found employment in the Imperial Aeultian Army, first as mercenaries, and later as true Imperial troops and took naturally to military life, becoming the Empires most devastating cavalry shock-troops.

With torsos, arms and the upper body following the proportions of its warhorse body, the male Centaur is at least as twice as strong as the strongest man, while the females are close to human proportions and more numerous than the males, as each male keeps a harem of between 2-8 females depending on his rank and his military prowess.

The only weakness of the Centaur is, of all things, cider. Once they drink, they tend to only stop when they pass out, and can become belligerent and violent, the total opposite of their usually stoic, restrained demeanor. Drinking may also lead them to their other vice, human women, and unless they are on campaign or following a direct order, they will attempt to seduce any human female between the ages of 18-30 and show a distinct preference for heavy set women, whom they find irresistible.

In combat, they use a combination of swords and shields, spears, javelins and bows depending on the requirements of the situation, and always ride in tight formation with quite advanced battle tactics. They also have a natural affinity with horses, and in the wild, horses often live along side them grazing the vast plains while the Centaurs hunt (their diet consists of fruits foraged by the females and meat – strangely enough despite their love of cider, raw apples are mildly poisonous to them).

Centaurs dislike being mounted by a human as they consider it humiliating, so to be carried on their back is a special honor.

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