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Cool Stuff

Here is a collection of bits and pieces that don’t really fit in any other category, but are likely to be of interest to anyone who likes classic swords and sorcery themes like we do.

This collection is only in its infancy in beta 1.0, however will be expanded over the coming weeks and months.

Designing Fantasy Swords

Tips and ideas based on best practices for creating fantasy swords that are actually plausible battlfield weapons, and avoiding the most common mistakes that render them useless.

Sword Design Review

Submit your original fantasy sword design or design idea to us for a free critique!

Fantasy Art

Here we look at contemporary Fantasy Art with a high fantasy or swords and sorcery focus, from what we have done on our own site here to the worlds most famous Fantasy Artists and everything in between.

Pen & Pencil RPGS

From Dungeons and Dragons to our own home made free system, we take a look at the various classic pen and pencil roleplaying games, as well as check out new innovations that role players are using to bring these games into the 21st century. Get your geek on!

Cool Links

A collection of cool links of interest to anyone who loves swords, sword art and high fantasy – as well as free resources we used to help build certain parts of our website.



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