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The Dryad, also known as a Forest Nymph, is a tree spirit, primarily found in Tuath De but others exist in large, natural forests all throughout Eletreus. The Dryad is bound to one particular tree from which they awoke, and always take an elfin tree like hybrid female with exceptionally beautiful physical features. If the tree dies, they die, and they are natural guardians of the forest, and are easy to track as soft and fragrant flowers grow under their feet with every step they take.

Normally shy and reclusive, Dryads are also free spirits and love nothing more than to dance and sing, and are well known for their free flowing amorous nature. In some cases, they have been known to fall in love at first sight with a particularly attractive male or female that catches their fancy, and can magically charm such a target to become their lover. One so charmed by the Dryad will forget everything else and refuse to leave, and as Dryads have no real interest or understanding of the world outside their forest home, arguments to release a companion from their love spell is largely futile, and can only be broken if the target is strongly reminded of an important task they were undertaking, and even then, they may still fail to break the charm.

Beloved by the animals of the forest, whom she protects and nurtures, a Dryad is able to understand the language of birds and wild animals, and if attacked, will retreat into her home tree and any animals within a 3 mile radius will start to head in to her aid.

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