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The Dwarves are a legendary race of robust diminutive humanoids who were blessed by Danu during the war in heaven.  Related to the people of Tuath De, while they originally came from Faerie stock around the Western Galbury mountains, the blessings of the Moon Goddess changed them from a Jolly mining race who lusted after gold to indomitable warriors extra strength and bravery to root out and destroy the hideous counter creations of the Fallen that had infested dark caves and caverns of the world.

Since the war, the Dwarves have founded several independent underground Kingdoms throughout Eletreus, most notably stone carved mountain-side fortresses that tunnel deep into the earth in Eastern Aelutia near the mountains of Icemeet, West of Notarikon and even as far as the Northern Dividing Ranges between Silverleaf and the Elven Homelands.

Physically, Dwarves are a head and shoulders shorter than a typical human, but have heavy set bones, heavy musculature and a low center of gravity and despite being shorter, and considerably stronger and tougher than their human cousins. Their skin is thick and forms callouses easily, and the males have thick, often braided and decorated beards, of which they take great pride in. Hair color tends to be red or light brown and their eyes are almost always green or blue. As such, they tend to prefer to live in colder climates as a rule and have no problems adapting to life underground either, with excellent night vision and the ability to see the heat signatures of objects when in pitch darkness (which they prefer to avoid, enjoying instead dimly lit cavernous environments).

Dwarves have a warrior based culture, but are also master craftsmen of steel and stone, tireless and skilled miners, and extremely practical in everything they do. Dwarves are very forthright and brutally honest, and have no time for pleasantries or flowery talk and may come across as thoughtless or downright rude to people not familiar with their ways. While initially distrustful of outsiders, once a Dwarfs friendship is earned it will last a lifetime – and their highest law is that no Dwarf may kill another of his kind under any circumstances, though they are fond of non lethal fighting and wresting when they drink – which is often.

When not fighting the minions of evil, they spend their time mining for gold and have a reputation for greediness, but their pride is such that they can never be bribed or bought out for gold, but rather hoard what they mine or claim from the monsters they defeat. Thanks to the blessings of Danu, Dwarves do not feel fear – which does not make them reckless – and indeed, when a Dwarf fights he tends to do so in a very calculated and strategic manner, though they can become enraged, in which case all bets are off and they literally turn red, lose their heads, and charge into battle if sufficiently provoked.

Dwarf Variant – Savage Dwarf

Very little is known about this sub species of Dwarves, whom were recently discovered living in Jungle cities of stone on Isla Juman.

Physically they are the same height as other Dwarves and have a similar physical build, and the same greed and love for gold, but there all similarities end. For they are dark skinned, with black hair, deeply set brown eyes and filed, pointed teeth. And unlike common mountain Dwarves, they have no qualms about killing one another, often fighting vicious tribal wars in the depths of the dark jungles.

Ruled by a powerful Shaman rather than a King, they are an especially supsertitious people and initially welcomed first contact with Aelutian explorers, but recently tensions have damaged the relationship between human and Jungle Dwarf, and suspicion and the possibility of an armed conflict between settlers and the natives grows daily..

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